The Smiths

Mary was standing in front of a full-length mirror1 taking a hard look at herself. "You know, dear," she says, "I look in the mirror, and I see an old woman. My face is all wrinkled2, I've got fat legs, and my arms are all flabby3." She turned to Charlie and said, "Tell me something positive to make me feel better about myself." Charlie studied hard for a moment thinking about it and then said in a soft, thoughtful4 voice, "Well, ...there's nothing wrong with your eyesight."




  1. Full-length mirror = a mirror that shows all of a person
  2. Wrinkle = a small line in the skin caused by old age. Wrinkled: with a lot of wrinkles
  3. Flabby = soft and fat
  4. Thoughtful = carefully considering things