Top Tips For Staying Secure Online

By Kari Jenkins

Today, over 4.2 billion people use the internet globally, which is over half the entire population of people on Earth. The internet has enabled people to find and communicate with people throughout the world, with online messaging and video calls now easy to set up. On the other hand, with the increasingly sophisticated developments in technology has come a more pressing need for people be aware of the tools needed to keep their details secure online.

Consider using a VPN

If you would like to keep a low profile online and reduce your digital footprint, consider using a VPN (virtual private network). This can help prevent data-hungry websites gathering information about you. A VPN establishes an encrypted connection to an online server, making it appear that you are in a different place. This can add an extra level of security when it comes to shared online language learning or arranging to meet people online. Significantly, nearly one in four people use a VPN across the globe, making them more popular than you might think.

Be savvy with email security

Something to be mindful of when it comes to online security is phishing. This is an email encouraging you to click on a link or a malicious attachment. Often these are targeted and will masquerade as something official or from someone familiar. Phishing emails can be easy for the untrained eye to miss, with three in ten people clicking on links within them. Signs to look out for are misspellings and the type of language used (for example, if the email is addressed from a friend, does the language used sound like them?). Also, make sure all your system updates are current in order to keep your devices as secure as possible.

Use a password manager

The best practice for keeping yourself as secure as possible online is to use different passwords for each account you have. This makes it much more difficult for hackers to break into your personal accounts. A password manager means that you do not have to remember each and every password you have. It will generate a password for you for every site, ensuring that no two accounts have the same password. A password manager uses an extension to your browser to automatically enter the appropriate password for a particular website.

Be smart with security

Online technology is developing all the time, often making our lives easier on a day-to-basis. However, it's more important than ever to be on top of your game when it comes to internet security. When in doubt, question anything suspicious, and don't click on any dubious links. Update your passwords regularly, and make sure your antivirus is always up to date.

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