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Restaurant - Restaurante

Quisiera reservar una mesa para cinco personas.
I would like to reserve a table for five people.

Una mesa para tres, por favor.
A table for three please.

La carta por favor
Can we have the menu please?

Para mi espagueti con tomate.
I'll have spaghetti with tomato sauce.

¿Y para beber?
And what would you like to drink?

Un vaso de vino tinto.
A glass of red wine.

¿Qué postres hay?
What kind of desserts do you have?

La cuenta, por favor.
Can we have the bill please?

¡Te invito yo!
It's on me!

Quédese con el cambio.
You can keep the change.

¡Gracias, adiós!
Thank you and goodbye!

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