Spanish Verb Conjugation

Regular Verbs

Spanish Irregular Verbs

Abolir   to abolish
Acentuar   to emphasize, to stress
Acoger   to receive, to welcome
Afligir   to distress, to afflict
Agorar   to predict misfortune
Aislar   to isolate, to insulate
Andar   to walk, to move
Argüir   to argue, to prove
Asir   to grasp
Atañer   to concern
Aullar   to howl
Averiguar   to find out
Caber   to fit
Caer   to fall
Cerrar   to shut, to close
Conocer   to know, to meet
Contar   to tell, to count
Creer   to believe, to think
Dar   to give
Decir   to say, to tell
Dedicar   to dedicate, to devote
Distinguir   to distinguish
Dormir   to sleep
Engullir   to gobble up, to gulp down
Erguir   to erect, to raise
Esparcir   to scatter, to spread
Estar   to be, to stay
Haber   to have
Hacer   to do, to make
Huir   to run away, to avoid
Ir   to go
Jugar   to play
Lucir   to shine
Mover   to move
Oír   to hear
Pagar   to pay
Pedir   to ask for, (in a restaurant) to order
Placer   to please
Poder   to be able to, can
Poner   to put
Querer   to want
Raer   to scrape
Rechazar   to reject, to turn down
Reducir   to reduce
Reír   to laugh
Roer   to gnaw
Saber   to know
Salir   to leave, to go out
Sentir   to feel, to hear
Ser   to be
Tener   to have, have got
Traer   to bring, to carry
Vaciar   to empty
Valer   to be worth, to cost
Vencer   to defeat
Venir   to come
Ver   to see
Yacer   to lie